The Beer Marketplace

CraftBee is an app bridging small beer producers and people with a passion for crafter beer. It's a marketplace, where even the smallest beer producers can offer their beers and the consumers can bid for it.


Defining Personas

Beer lover 

 "I love beers but I don't want to drink the general water you get in stores. It's hard for me to find local sellers and find new good beer."

Fanatic into everything crafted

 "I absolutely love everything crafted with a cute clear design." 

Interviews with the early adapters (personas)

I did interviews with Brona, who is a craft beer freak, and Ema, a friend of mine who is crazy about everything crafted.

Based on our discussion and their answers, I identified their shopping behaviour and main problems they face.


After I prepared a list of features and Flow diagram, I drew lofi and highfi designs.

barbora_Beer auction app1.png

Usability testing

I tested the app on two testers. Jhonny who was previously familiar with the concept and my mom, because it should be as easy even your mom get it.

I gave my users 4 tasks and observed how they managed to fulfil them. I made necessary changed accordingly.



Product direction

Testing similar apps

Johnny and Peto were observed using two popular auction apps: eBay and Aukro. Johnny is a software developer and Peto is an HR advisor. 

Their task was to place bid for a bottle of wine of their choice. They were asked to describe what they are doing and how are they feeling. 

The aim is to identify appreciated features and avoid previously made mistakes.


Based on the outcomes of the research, I identified features the users expect from the app and what would the be unfair advantage of this app. I also created a Moodboard based on my research on Dribble, Behance, Pinterest and Instagram and from the websites of the favourite brands of the early adapters.

The app is now mainly focusing on the small audience but this will grow to general public in the future. We can also add more home made/crafted products.